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Mr. Ebrahim Mirzaei born on December 12, 1978. He is the founder of MGT Company. Mr. Mirzaei graduated with a master’s degree in industrial management in 2005 from Allameh Tabatabai University in Tehran, which is one of the best State universities in Iran. He started his business activity during his academic studies. And after gaining various experiences in the matter of export & import and passing numerous training courses, he started his activity in the field of natural stones and has continued until now.

During his two decades of commercial and industrial activity, Mr. Ebrahim Mirzai founded a wide range of stone companies and developed them over time. the maturity of which was the establishment of MGT Company in 2012. And during this time, with the development of various sectors, it has become one of the largest holdings of natural stones with a wide range of economic activities both in Iran and the world.

His Main economic activities in recent years,

  •  Establishment of an import company in the field of importing food, medicine and spare parts in 2001
  •  Establishment of construction contracting group and the construction of several residential, recreational and office projects in 2002.
  •  One of the founders of Kurdistan’s Marjan Stone Company and Kurdistan Stone Factory in Sanandaj as the largest natural stone production plant in Iran in 2003.
  •  The founder of Arjan Seng Parsian Stone Company in the field of domestic and foreign trade in 2005.
  •  Establishment of the Parsian Arjan branch in Shanghai, China and opening of a stone block stock yard in Baoshan area of Shanghai in 2006.
  •  Establishment of PSB Company in the field of exporting all kinds of natural stones in Xiamen, China in 2012.
  •  Establishment of Tejarat Seng Akam or Mecca as the first export terminal of Tehran stone blocks in 2013.
  •  Establishment of Akam Stone Trading Company and Akam Factory, located in Shams Abad Industrial area of Tehran in 2015.
  •  Establishment of Marjan Stone Mining Group in 2017 and setting up several stone quarries.
  •  Establishment of Marjan company and showroom located in Shams Abad Industrial area of Tehran in 2020.



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