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We have been producing the best package of luxury natural stones since 2004. Best quality, Large quantity, Innovation is what we do best, and by doing so we inspire our customer both for today and tomorrow.

MGT Company believes the world is changing rapidly. Sustainability, protecting the environment, and climate changes are some of the critical challenges we face today. So environment protecting in all our divisions is one of our main struggles.

MGT believes that, the interest of consumers is changing all around the world. And many products of the past do not meet the needs of today’s customers and consumers. We believe that modern architectural designs will be the most wanted designs all over the world.  On the other hand, the use of luxury stones with maximum quality will have more consumption. In other words, the demand for modern products and modern projects will be growing. Therefore, responding to this need is one of the main strategic goals of MGT Company.


As part of our sustainable strategy, we want,

  •  Increasing mining activity, developing the company’s quarries, increasing the amount of annual stone production and increasing the diversity of the company’s products from quarry.
  • Development is storing stone products in MGT show room in order to respond to our customer needs as quick as possible.
  • Increasing the variety of manufactured products, mainly tile slabs and blocks
  • Raising the maximum quality and maintaining the improvement of the company’s position in terms of quality all over the world so that MGT is recognized as a leading stone company in the quality issue.
  • To grow in our core business.
  • To exploit the significant potential of digitalization
  • Increasing the company’s exports and developing target markets

The focus to all these activities is on improving our financial strength. Because that is the foundation of our sustainable business strategy.

The MGT Stone Group

MGT Stone Group is the most successful Iranian stone company that has managed to place its brand as one of the leaders in the stone industry in the world by covering all operational circles including mining, production, Local and international trade. As MGT company is known as one of the leaders of diversity and quality and a symbol of luxury products all over the world, and consumers have special trust and confidence in MGT company’s products.


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