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We started an exciting journey on 2003 as Marjan Stone Company. We were always ambitious to reach to our dream and we will be! We had lots of achievements during past years. Establishment of Marjan Stone Factory, Meka Stock Block Yard, Akam Stone Factory and Marjan Stone Gallery Slab Shop are just some of our successful manufacturing activities.

Today, we have an eye on future! We see our team on the way to become a reliable brand worldwide.
We always focus on using unique facilities in mining, production and commerce because we have great ambitions for Natural Stone industry.

We have been the greatest Iran Natural Stone Quarry Owner so far. Our quarries include Marjan Silver Travertine, Hesar Titanium Travertine, Hesar Black Travertine, Royal Black Marble, Maran White Travertine, Cloud White Marble, Diana Smoky Onyx. We added White Onyx Quarry to this precious list at 2022 to make it more completed as before! But we won’t put a dot at the end of this list! We are always interested to have other several exclusive
quarries of most demanded Iran Natural Stone products to meet the international market needs better and faster than ever!

We will get more successful day by day and we understand that we have more important responsibilities as well. We believe in our social responsibilities. Green development, sustainable entrepreneurship, teamwork and innovation matters to us because we try for a better world. So, we will do our best!

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