Natural Stone Fairs

What are the world’s largest natural stone industry fairs? Marmomac (Verona, Italy, annual) Marmomac is the leading global event for the natural stone industry and represents the entire supply chain, from raw material to semi-finished and finished products, from processing machinery and technologies to applications of stone in architecture and design. Marmomac is the ideal venue in terms of quality and completeness of […]

Stone Surface Finishes

1- Polished The surface is brilliant and shiny with a mirror effect. It cause the most refined edge for tiles. The process of polishing is by repeated application of abrasive treatments. This type of finishing is suitable for almost all kinds of stones. This is very regular finishing especially in Iranian stone factories. Polished tiles […]

About Stone

For centuries, stone has been used by nearly all civilizations. Each corner of the world and each layer of earth yields a multitude of stone varieties, and a uniqueness within each stone, giving you a vast palette of possible applications wherewith to create your masterpiece. The most important natural stones are: Travertine, Marble, Limestone, Onyx, […]

Beige Marble

The definition of beige color in different cultures is different worldwide and it is the same in building industrial culture for the Beige Marble products as well but what is similar for all countries would be the great importance of Beige Marble globally. There is great variety in Beige Marble normally. The great variety of […]

How to decor a contemporary-style setting with black marble

black marble use 3

The settings featuring a contemporary design have been more and more trending over the past few years: with their elegant charm, they’re particularly fitting for public areas, but especially the private, luxury ones. In order to furtherly emphasize their beauty, you need to choose the right materials, and the one that stands out the most […]

Hotel & Marble: The Luxury Bathrooms

hotel marble the luxury bathrooms

The combination of marble and hotels has always proved over time, and always in a different way, to be an effective solution to create sophisticated and luxurious interior designs. Not by chance, we can find marble in many luxury hotels all over the world, and in every space, a further confirmation of its extremely versatile […]

Risks to global supply chains rising

supply chain

Importers across the world, may soon face higher transport costs and severer delays in shipments as the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the escalation of related sanctions are making it increasingly difficult to move goods between Europe and Asia. This is another fatal blow to a global supply chain that has not yet […]

Book Match Stone

Book Match is the reflection of Irregular unique geometric image in future. While this image appears in futures will be made in symmetry format and putting the symmetry format together creates Book Match. Combination of tow symmetry pattern together brings a different, unique and eye catching in supplementary form. Therefore the Book Match format will […]

What are the Best types of Travertines?

what are the best types of travertines photo

Travertines are a type of soft stones. Travertine Stones are limestone riddled with holes and considered to be sedimentary and decorative stones. This stone is formed as the result of hot mineral springs throughout millions of years. The holes on Travertine stones are due to gases in sedimentation. Hence the number of solved elements in […]

Facts about Iran’s natural stone industry

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Iran is distinguished for massive deposits of natural stone and decorative stones with astonishing rarity and remarkable types are the most underrated. Iran annually produces more than 13.500.000 metric tons of stone from over 1600 active quarries. So, this amount allocates the 11.5% of the global natural stone market. additionally, more than 7000 specialized and […]