Beige Marble

The definition of beige color in different cultures is different worldwide and it is the same in building industrial culture for the Beige Marble products as well but what is similar for all countries would be the great importance of Beige Marble globally.

There is great variety in Beige Marble normally. The great variety of Beige Marble is amazing in some of the giant stone mining countries. We can name Iran and Turkey one of those countries with many Beige Marble quarries around the country.

Maybe the great variety of Beige Marble, Multiplicity of Beige Marble and the Wide range of color in Beige Marble are some reasons to be the most consumed stone product among all other types of building stones.

As it said, there is no specific definition for beige color in Beige Marble products and in building industrial culture but what is clear is that originated from Beige Marble the beige color of it which is cream color originally.

There are some of Beige Marble products by MGT stone below:

  • Paradise Marble
  • Sunny Beige Marble
  • Harsin Marble
  • Sofita Marble
  • Cappuccino Marble
  • Fossil marble
  • Desert Marble

Beige Marble Tile

Most of the Beige Marble Tile are normally with simple design and without waves and the main difference at the beginning would be the light or dark background. That is why the first grading is done by considering the Beige Marble Tile’s color. The Beige Marble Tile with simple background and Beige color includes some patterns or specification that causes to sort them in each category of Beige Marble Tile accordingly, therefore each Beige Marble Tile would be sorted according to the design patterns in different categories.

The most usage of Beige Marble Tile would be the flooring in buildings and in classic projects. The square format have the most amount of usage in Beige Marble Tile among other formats normally. The size of the desired space determines the size of Beige Marble Tile in each project. On the other hand Beige Marble Tile have many usage for inside walls in building projects, although Beige Marble Tile have the most usage with rectangle format. The preferred sizes of Beige Marble Tile for walls would be 300*600 mm, 400*600 mm and 400*800 mm regularly.
Beige Marble Floor
Since Beige Marble is highly consumed, the most usage is in Beige Marble Floor which is proper for many types of classics projects.

The square form is the most proper sizes for Beige Marble Floor which depends on the dimension of each part of a project for Beige Marble Floor.

Some of the common sizes for the large areas are 160 cm*160cm, 120cm*120cm, 100cm*100cm, 80cm, 80cm and for the small areas would be 60cm*60cm, 40cm*40cm, 30cm*30cm, regularly.
Beige Marble Slab
Another type of this strategic product is in from of Beige Marble Slab. The most customers of Beige Marble Slab are business mans and traders, they prefer to buy and store it in their warehouses normally. They buy may other stone products along with Beige Marble Slab and later on they will cut them according their cline’s order.

There is also high consumption for Beige Marble Slab in large type of projects. They will cut to size the Beige Marble Slab by using their relevant equipment in order to have the minimum possible wastage according to each part of the project or they can use Beige Marble Slab for the projects that needs a custom cut to size according to the project’s areas and specification. It is cut to rectangle and irregular shapes as well for such areas.
Light Beige Marble
As we said previously, Beige Marble is difference according to the brightness degree. Light Beige Mable is more close to cream color and dark cream. The value of Light Beige Mable is normally greater than the dark type of Beige Marbles.

MGT Stone Company is providing many type of Light Beige Mable to our respected customers. We can mention some of them like Ella Cream Marble and paradise Marble.

Dark Beige Mable

Different type of Dark Beige Marble are close to Light brown like Nescafe color. The Dark Beige Marble is also graded according the color brightness and darkness. The base of design in a project, the lighting rate of project, crossing rate, and the color in choosing Dark Beige Mable types will effect directly. In this regard, MGT stone is providing different type of Dark Beige Mable to our respected customers. We can mention some of our Dark Beige Mable as Sunny Beige Marble, Marjan Cream Marble, and Persian Latte Marble.

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