Limestone is considered a flex stone and is a Sedimentary stones with the most percentage of calcareous in it. That is why, it has the highest water absorption comparing to other stones. Limestone Tiles has less resistance in comparison to marbles and many travertine stones. Because of high water absorption in Limestone Tile, is normally used in environments far from humidity. Since the resistance of Limestone Tile is low, is better not to use them in busy places. The ideal would be to use Limestone Tile in the indoor sections of buildings like stair walls and parking lots.

The most important advantage of Limestone Tile is the proper low price of this stone. That is why many commercial projects prefer to use Limestone Tile in their projects. MGT Company suggests to use proper variety of protective material in order to reduce the water absorption severely. The other future of Limestone Tile is the existence of clay mineral that makes the polishing level of this stone very low, that is why customers prefer to use the other type of stone process like honed, bush hammered or Leathered.


The interesting future of Limestone is observable in Limestone Slab. Although we know the Limestone is a flex stone with low resistance and high water absorption, but it has better outcome after being proceeded to slabs and it has healthier condition comparing to other type of stones. In other words, Lime stone Slab doesn’t have holes and cracks in the texture so that there is no need to use resin and lacing for processing. Therefore Limestone Slab is possible to be produced without using any extra material to increase the resistance.

One of the other future of Limestone Slab is the ability to be produced in large dimension. We can say that the most important markets for Limestone Slab would be eastern Asia and specifically Malaysia. Is interesting to know that another future of Limestone Slab is the high resistance against coldness, so that Limestone Slab is able to tolerate even less than -25° C in freezing areas. Limestone Slab is also workable in areas with freezing temperature including areas with acidic rains atmospheres.


The highest form of healthy condition in Limestone is observable on the Limestone Block. We extract the very healthy Limestone Block with proper geometrical shapes which is rectangle cube in the quarry. Limestone Block has also the maximum standard size as well with 200 cm in width, 300 cm in length and 200 cm in height. In addition, Limestone Block can be extracted and cut according the clients custom sizes due to having future of healthy condition and standard sizes in this stone. This future in sizing causes the minimum waste during the production.

Limestone Block has the lowest price among other stones and that is why Limestone Block has been used in high quantity in world level.

We are having exclusively unique Limestone Block like other type of stones in Iran that we can mention them like Gohare Limestone Block which is famous and has high consumption in market. The most important markets for Iran’s Limestone Block would be countries like Italy, Spain, China, Indonesia and Malaysia

MGT Company is proud to provide all available Limestone Block such as Gohare Limestone Block and White Limestone Block to our respected clients.

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