ONYXS TONE is a plentiful stone with many uses. Besides, ONYX STONE is a marvellous stone. ONYX STONE has been applied by humans since the distant past. At present, with modern technology, there are numerous uses of ONYX STONE like floor building, wall decoration, otter look, sculpture, constructing Mosaic, stairs and many other options which ONYX STONE is used in creating them.

Pressure and the Creation: ONYX STONE is a Metamorphic stone. The creation of ONYX STONE lasts over 100 years among old layers of the earth’s crust. The Genesis of ONYX STONE starts with Limestone and Dolomite under pressure and high temperature million years ago.

ONYX STONE has some interesting utilizations nowadays. For instance, the application of ONYX STONE in Pharmacology, the Color Industry, Plastic and paper Making or in Toothpaste. Even the materials of ONYX STONE have edible use as a Calcium source.

The specifications of ONYX STONE:

The most important features of ONYX STONE are the high resistance, convenient repair, High resistance to weather conditions and a large variety of colours of ONYX STONE.

ONYX STONE is a Hypoallergenic material, as a result, has the least amount of Sensitization.

ONYX STONE benefits from a great resistance to heat therefore in many Mediterranean regions and Persian Gulf countries is used widely.

Sometimes Inside the ONYX STONE, some expensive and valuable stones are found like Spinel, Corundum or Ruby.

The greatest qualification of ONYX STONE is passing light


ONYX SLAB might be the stone, which its slab has more consumption than its tile in comparison with other stones. Due to the special beauty and exquisite pattern of ONYX SLAB, most consumers prefer to use the biggest size of ONYX SLAB which is varied to a great extent. This noticeable variety of ONYX SLAB in the forms of book-matched slab and four matched slab can illustrate a perfect scenery like a painting.

Passing light which is the famous feature of ONYX SLAB is really important. This feature provides ONYX STON as a common material for light designing decoration spaces.

The colour variety ONYX STONE is a lot. Colours like white ONYX SLAB, Green ONYX SLAB, pink ONYX SLAB, orange ONYX SLAB, brown ONYX SLAB, blue ONYX SLAB and grey ONYX SLAB. this colour variety of ONYX STONE and cutting them in the form of cross-cut can create multicolour ONYX SLAB with specific and mixed colours.

MGT company supplies a superb collection of ONYX SLAB with high quality and a suitable price.


The extent of ONYX TILE’s utilization is less than that of ONYX SLAB, there are some reasons for this matter which are as follows:

The high price of ONYX STONE and as a result, ONYX TILE’s price.

The usage of ONYX STONE in decorative places can limit their applications.

A large variety of ONYX STONE.

The lack of opportunity to use the feature of passing light for ONYX TILE.

The variety of patterns in ONYX SLAB is a privilege but in ONYX TILE it is recognized as a restriction. But in some projects, the building design is based on the pattern of ONYX TILE.

ONYX TILE is used a lot in a mosaic design. With all restrictions, MGT is capable to supply ONYX TILE in different sizes in the shape of squares or rectangles. Therefore, MGT offers ONYX TILE in different colours.

Block of onyx

MGT onyx block is a premium quality natural stone product that is quarried from the onyx deposits in Iran. Onyx is a type of mineral that is formed by the deposition of calcium carbonate in caves and other geological formations. This unique natural stone is known for its striking beauty and unique patterns, which make it a popular choice for a range of applications, including flooring, walls, countertops, and more.

MGT Stone specializes in providing premium quality onyx blocks to customers worldwide. Our Block Yard Qorveh city is renowned for its perfect onyx stones. This Block Yard covers Marian’s quarries in the northwest of Iran, making it an important hub for high-quality onyx blocks.

Our team of experts carefully selects and inspects each onyx block to ensure that it meets our high standards of quality. We take pride in offering our customers the best possible products and services, and our commitment to quality is reflected in every aspect of our business.

If you are in the market for premium quality onyx blocks, look no further than MGT Stone’s Block Yard. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services, and to start your journey towards creating beautiful and lasting projects with the finest onyx blocks available.


ONYX PRODUCTS have many utilizations like floor, and wall decoration, and sculpture due to the passing light feature and marvellous mosaic in the building industry. Moreover, ONYX PRODUCTS have interesting applications nowadays like the Coloring industry, plastic and paper production and oral or hygiene consumption.


At the present time, there is a large variety of onyx stones in the valuable ONYX GALLERY of MGT. The most beautiful ones of this ONYX GALLERY are white onyx, green onyx, red onyx, blue onyx, grey onyx and multi-colour onyx which create special colour diversity for this ONYX GALLERY.

MGT always tries to design its ONYX GALLERY based on a superb production and large store to the needs of customers. Most of the customers for ONYX GALLERY are from Arabic or European countries like Russia. MGT invites esteemed customers warmly to visit this exquisite ONYX GALLERY.

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