3 reasons to use architectural 3D models in building industry

Nowadays we have access to modern tools which have never been available in industry before. Architectural 3D Models are now very applicable in building industry. In this article, we would like to write about three of the most important reasons of using architectural 3D models. 1. Creative architecture design matters! We are living in an […]

Cevisama Expo

cevisama exhibition

Cevisama is a dedicated exhibition for ceramic tile, natural stone and bathrooms. It has been around since 1978. Cevisama is a must-see fair for professionals, boasting more than 120,000m2 of exhibition space and unrivalled parallel events. Cevisama is open to anyone with purchasing power in Spain’s industry. Visitors also come from around the globe, principally […]


natural stone vs artificial materials photo

Choosing right material for flooring is one of the most important stage in all building projects. The massive type of artificial flooring along with vast purposeful advertising is provided by producers in order to represent them as a replacement for natural stone products. Different type of ceramics, packets, carpets, mosaics and artificial stones are as […]

Natural Stone Packing

natural stone packing photo

Having a proper packing technic regarding to a product, according the customers need is one of the important matters in all industrial fields. This process, having proper packing is also an important matter in natural stone field as well. Making proper and standard Packing may seem easy at the beginning but it is an important […]

What is Vein Cut?

what is vein cut photo

Many natural stones are sedimentation result of earth layers, these sedimentation is made by hot spring or see movements. That is why formation of natural stones are in layers. These layers are created by orderly patterns or with more complexity patterns caused by different pressures from earth. These layers are called Veins in stone products […]