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We established our Stone Warehouse at the same time as the establishment of MGT Company and factories subsequently. It wasn’t common to sell slab stones and Slab Stock in Iran but instead, the Stone Warehouse was just like the usual tile Warehouse. Perhaps the absence of a suitable Marble showroom around 2000 was due to the lack of Slab Stock and lack of significant slab exports from Iran. On the other hand, it was uncommon to use slabs for buildings in the local market of Iran as well.

But since the evolution approach with the arrival of new technologies in the stone industry and new companies like MGT with the development of export, the change from stone warehouse and tile warehouse to modern stone showroom and marble showroom became more logical and progressed faster.

One of the challenges of the past decades before the start of exporting processed stone products was the lack of appropriate Slab Stock in Iran in order to respond quickly to customers. Considering the mentioned conditions, MGT immediately started to develop spaces for its Stone Showrooms. In the first step, MGT decided to establish a Stone Warehouse and later developed its own Tile Warehouse in Sanandaj city, close to its number one factory. With the increase in export orders, the need to increase production of Slab Stock was felt, for this reason, MGT established the largest Stone Showroom in Shams Abad industrial city in Tehran.

We selected the most valuable Iranian stones and Slab Stock collections in this Stone Showroom. The availability of several Mable Stock with more than 50.000 SQM of finished stones enables MGT to provide the best services to its esteemed customers. There are several stones that are continuously ordered by our customers at the MGT’s Stone Showroom, Stones such as Pietra Gray Marble, Silver Travertine, a variety of White Marbles, a variety of Black Marbles and a variety of Travertine in colors are ready for delivery.

The possibility to load multiple containers at our Stone Showroom and Stone Warehouse is available daily. The availability of different types of stones in our Slab Stock is also suitable for customers who need to load different types of stone products in one or more containers in the same order.

Development of tile and slab stock warehouse space is on the agenda of the MGT management team in the near future.

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