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By founding MGT stone company, exporting block stone to most of countries has been a basic aim for MGT. In this regard, MGT found its first Block Yard as a complex stone with area of 50000 SQM in Sanandaj, Kurdistan Province, in north west of Iran. This Block Yard benefits from as noticeable importance due to its nearness to several quarries zone including, Qorveh city which is famous for its perfect onyx stones and also Takab city which has superb cream, beige and silver travertines, More over this Block Yard covers Marian’s quarries in north west of Iran.

As MGT had an ongoing increase in its exporting activities, MGT founded its new Block Yard in Shamsabad industrial area of Tehran. This Block Yard enjoys several cranes with high capacity in an area of 10000 SQM. The greatest feature of this Block Yard is its location. Besides, it is the only Block Yard of this region. As this BLOCK YARD is near the Tehran’s International Airport, esteemed customers can access to the BLOCK YARD less than 15 minutes. MGT’s Block Yard number 2 has the best cover of MGT’s quarries and the specific quarries of Iran. A nice block collection is available for esteemed customers.

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