Amber Onyx

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Amber Onyx

Amber Onyx is a natural stone that exhibits warm amber tones with white colored champagne bubbles. Amber Onyx is a natural Onyx with transparent capabilities. Amber Onyx is found in USA and Iran and it is a very desirable stone because of the unique beauty and class it brings to your home and projects. Amber Onyx replaces traditional decorative stones as a more versatile and beautiful stone for countertops, wall tiles and other architectural applications in homes and commercial buildings.Amber Onyx can be seen with Verde Giada and Gray and Beige marbles like Shayan Marble, Royal Bottocino and Silk Emperador Marble and Silver Emperadoor Marble.

Amber Onyx Slab

Amber Onyx Slab is cut from big blocks from the quarry using the best machines for the job and is ready to be shipped. Amber Onyx slabs are used in walls and flooring because of their uniqueness and elegance that they can bring to your projects.

Amber Onyx Tile

Amber Onyx tiles are available and ready to be shipped in all different sizes and with different finishing based on your order. One of the most popular materials to use in the flooring today is Amber Onyx tile our customers recognize beauty, elegance, and class when the gaze upon Amber Onyx.

Amber Onyx Block

Amber Onyx Blocks are available at the quarry which is one of the MGT quarries. The blocks have different sizes and shapes and qualities. We would like to invite you to come to Iran and visit the quarry with us.

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