Bela Marble

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Bela Marble

Bela Marble is a cream beige marble that has a smooth and cream velvety appearance. This Iranian cream beige marble with a lovely wave background gives a rich and inviting feel. MGT Natural stone company selects the best and highest quality of cream beige marble blocks from the quarry and make it ready-to-ship in different size of slabs, blocks and tiles from its warehouse to all countries.

Silvia Marble

The most similar marble to Iranian Bela Marble is Silvia Marble from Egypt. Silvia Marble is the best quality cream beige Marble quarried in Egypt. This is an honor for MGT Stone Company to supply the alternative material with the best price and quality.

Honey Beige Marble

In the stone industry, a cream beige marble with smooth honey waves is called honey beige marble. Therefore, Iranian Bela Marble is one of the popular honey beige marbles. Designers like to use Honey Beige Marble with darker materials like Portoro Marble.

Cream Beige Marble Tile

MGT Stone Co is one of the largest supplier of cream beige marble tiles in Iran with Italian quality. Our cream beige marble collection can be produced in unlimited quantities of Polished, Honed, Tumbled and Brushed Tiles & Slabs.

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