Bianco Coral Marble

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Bianco Coral Marble

Bianco Coral marble is a white marble originated from Iran is now one the best white stones in Iran. MGT first starts its business with Bianco marble quarry. Bianco Coral marble has unique features that makes this marble useful for both indoor and outdoor, even for cold-weather countries such as Russia and Ukraine. It is because having porosity on its surface. Bianco Marble became a popular stone in our domestic market because of its reasonable price and especial chemical characteristic. Today, Bianco marble is one of the main material that is used for façade of buildings in Iran.

Bianco Marble Slab

Because of having Bianco Marble quarry, having a marble factory very close to this quarry, and the high demand, Bianco Marble is always available at MGT stone factory and one factory is producing this special marble evermore.The use Bianco Coral Marble with materials like Nero Marquina Marble, Portoro Marble, Golden Black Marble and Rosso Levanto Marble.

Bianco Marble Tile

MGT Stone has sorted Bianco Coral Marble in four grades. The first grade is pure white. The higher amount of light pink dots, the lower the sort. Free length Tiles are very popular because it is a demanding size of tiles for facades. Because of having, both block cutter machine and gang saws in factory, producing marble tiles could be done with different policies and prices.

Bianco Marble Quarry

Bianco Marble is quarried from our own quarry in Kurdistan province, Iran. Kurdistan is an origin of the many white stones. However, during the winter months, most of the quarries are shut down for a period because of the harsh conditions of snow and ice.

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