Bianco Onyx

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Bianco Onyx

Bianco Onyx, rare and precious, considered as a staple for luxury since ancient times. Fascinating as the country it comes from, the ancient Persia, today is Iran, Onice Bianco is an extremely precious natural stone, used in the centuries to assemble luxurious onyx handicrafts. Its delicate energy has a soothing and balancing effect. Persiano Bianco Onyx is the purest and highest quality onyx in the world.

Bianco Onyx Blocks

Bianco onyx blocks are including different type of purity namely, standard type and the pure type and some quarries include both Bianco onyx grades in one place. MGT stone is the quarry owner of this awesome onyx and is able to export Bianco onyx with a combination of cream color with wooden veins. This onyx would be more suitable in price compared with the pure one. In addition, all Bianco onyx slabs and Bianco onyx tiles after producing will be separated in different sort and price depends on the purity level. Bianco onyx is used for the finest finishing on Interior furniture, special onyx handicrafts, and floorings. Using LED-backlit with onyx creates a magical atmosphere. White onyx has a crystal structure that makes it fragile in comparison with other natural stones such as Travertine and Marble. Therefore, during Bianco onyx production, we use special resin and treatment to eliminate microcracks. Bianco onyx cut to size tiles in different sorts, Bianco onyx slabs and Bianco onyx blocks are available at MGT stone.Bianco Onyx is used alongside Brown Onyx and Honey Onyx for better interior designs.

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