Black Mamba Marble

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Black Mamba Marble

Black Mamba Marble is mainly black in color and characterized by its thin gold lines.

Mamba Black Marble

Mamba black marble has a smooth texture, which made it a choice for those prefer to buy absolute black marble. This dramatic black marble with smooth thin veins is a perfect choice if you want to make a statement. Use it for walls, backsplashes, and floors for residential and commercial properties. The mixture of this Absolute Black Marble with white marbles like Carrara White Marble, and Plain White Marble is on the most popular designs, it is also used alongside Cream materials like Crema Marfil Marble, Paradise Marble, and Royal Beige Marble.

Polished Black Marble

This Black Marble has an excellent processing property. Many kinds of finishing surfaces are possible to be applied to Black Mamba Marble: polished, honed, sandblasted, and flamed. The 2cm and 3cm thickness of black marble slab is available in our stock.

Honed Black Marble

The options for precision cut sizes and shapes as well as the superb creation of mosaic tile art abounds with this collection. Black Polished Marble Tiles, Cut to size by the experts, Mamba Black marble tile is ready to bring all kinds of spaces to life, from traditional spaces like kitchens and bathrooms to living areas, and beyond.​

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