Absolute Black Marble

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Black Marble

We can consider marbles as the largest and the most verity of stone categories. Classifying this vast verity is often based on color of stones. Black marble is one of the most major, important and the most practical marbles among all others that includes a large verities.

Using black color and black marble is known as luxury style in projects that has a great position in the interior design, modern and classic design as well.

Absolute Black Marble

The common quality in all black marble stones would be the black color on the background but what makes the great variety in this marble stone is the level of darkness of background color and different waves and designs that have been printed on the black background of this marble stone.

Absolute Black Marble has a very dark and clear background but what makes it different in this beautiful black marble, is the narrow and regular white lines on the background. We can also mention the grading texture of this stone as well which is so fine and dense and causes a very clear and shiny look on this stone.

Many types of black marbles are categorized in golden black marbles in Iran and around the world normally, by having gold, yellow and brown lines on the background. But there is not much variety in simple black marble category. That is why we can consider them a valuable black marble comparing to other black marbles. MGT Stone Co is ready to respond to customers who are looking for such luxury and unique stone products by providing this product widely.

Application of Black Marble Stone

Black Marbles are one of the most marbles used in construction industry because of having natural color. But it is important to know that using black marbles should be in interior designs or indoor spaces, far from direct sunlight or weathering conditions. Therefore using black marbles for outdoor spaces are not recommended by experts in MGT stone co regularly.

We mention some usage of black marbles below:

  1. It is only proper for interior designs and indoor spaces.
  2. Space limitation is created by Black marble stones.
  3. Necessity of proper lighting for spaces with black marble stones.
  4. It is one of the most common used stones with neutral colors.
  5. It is proper to be used in moderate climate, since they are insulate
  6. They can be used throughout a project as flooring and wall installation.
  7. The ability to be used as a main paving color or supplementary, to be used next to another color
  8. The quality to be used in both modern and classic designs at the same time.

Black Marble Tile

Flooring is one of the main usage in variety of black marbles. Black marble tiles also have great usage as well. Using black marble tiles can be considered as a symbol for luxury project normally. Black marble tiles have great usage in both modern and classic projects at the same time. Square dimension is used for classic designs and tiles with large rectangle dimensions are used for modern projects normally.

Black marble tiles also have specific usages in in decorative designs as well. Using Black marble tiles in bathrooms is one of the most popular spaces for black marble tiles in luxury projects with using direct or indirect artificial lightening.

MGT stone co is able to produce vast range of black marble tiles, using his own exclusive quarries like Royal Black Marble and Absolute Black Marble annually in order to support and supply our respected customers around the world.

Black Marble Counter Top

One of the most usage of natural black marbles are countertops in kitchens which is increasing against quartz, wooden or artificial stones. Using the black marbles is common because of being clear and anti-dirt.

Marjan stone co is able to provide you the high quality black marbles with different finishing and creating modern and classic designs on the edge.

Black Marble slabs

Black marble slabs are the most popular and demanded marbles with no doubt. Black Marbles considered one of the most important marble products in MGT stone co by using exclusive and valuable quarries since the black color is important and there is high verity in black color stones as well.

Different black marble slabs from MGT is considered one of the most demanded stone products in export level annually.

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