Black Marble

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black marble

Black Marble

Black is considered a vital background color like white in art; this is the same in the stone industry. The black colour is more common in marbles than all other stone types. Therefore Black Marble, like white Marble, is considered the most strategic Marble product. Black Marble is also notable since it is used in every part of the building, especially the interior. Black Marble adorns the buildings’ design class.

The credibility of Black Marble is universal, but even due to many Black Marble quarries worldwide, there is still high demand for Black Marble. It can be mentioned as one of the most luxurious marbles in the world. The unique beauty of Black Marble and the increased demand for its cause to categorization Black Marble according to the complementary colours in the background Black Marble typically. Therefore, we use the complementary colours of Black Marble in the environment to name or categorize them. We can mention some of them below:



Black Marble Stone

Black Marble Stone is considered one of the critical marble groups in MGT Stone. One of the reasons is that there is always a high demand for Black Marble Stone in the international and local markets of MGT Stone Company. Black Marble Stone is our complementary option as the main stone, and it becomes a great match next to other stones with excellent appearance and beauty.

One of the challenges for Black Marble Stone is the level of polishing. There are just some stone companies that can maximize the polishing level of Black Marble Stone. Maximizing the polishing level of Black Marble Stone multiplies the beauty of this product. Therefore, some stone factories apply to produce this product with the specialty. Only those who can maximize Black Marble Stone’s polishing level in their factory know this in the MGT Stone complex. The beauty with fantastic brightness of the exclusive stone products, including Black Marble Stone, is provided by MGT Stone regularly.

Black Marble Tile

By increasing the usage of Black Marble in all building projects, the Black Marble Tile has also increased notably. It is very proper to use Black Marble Tile for projects with a limited budget and with the intention of luxurious classic designs. Black Marble Tile is suggested as two rectangle and square format. The large rectangle format is proper for current projects, and the sizeable fair form of Black Marble Tile is appropriate for buildings with classic design. It is interesting to know that the usage of Black Marble tiles in small structures is also increasing, especially in rectangle format for the interior parts like the kitchen and bathrooms. MGT Stone Company provides our respected customers with Black Marble tiles in different sizes and volumes.

Black Marble Slab

Undoubtedly, the Black Marble slab is among the most used slabs in building projects. They have high usage, like Black Marble Tile, at the same time in many projects. The black Marble with unique design patterns is used for making book matches or four matches, observable in artistic works in Black Marble Tile.

Black marble tiles also have specific usages in decorative designs as well. Using Black marble tiles in bathrooms is one of the most popular spaces for black marble tiles in luxury projects using direct or indirect artificial lighting.

On the other hand, the art of using modern technology to produce Black Marble slabs is more observable. That is why MGT Stone Company provides all types of Black Marble slabs with the highest quality and quantity in the fastest possible mode among all other types of stone products in the complex by considering the strategic importance of Black Marble Tile.

Black Marble Floor

Different types of Black Marble are used in many buildings, but the most used Black Marble, either in tile or slab format, is often used in Black marble Floors. Cut-to-sized rectangle slabs in large areas are commonly used, especially in Black marble Floors, but using smaller dimensions in small projects or projects with lower budgets.

MGT Stone Company can provide different types of Marble floors according to the custom customers’ needs and project specifications exclusively in all styles and dimensions with high quality and quantity to our respected customers.

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