Sea Marble

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Blue Marble

Persian Blue marble stone is a marble that does not have much variety in the world. Iran has few marble quarries in blue color. Sea Marble is the newest quarry. Using Sea Blue Marble in flooring or countertops will make a unique design.

Blue Marble Slab

The normal size of the Blue Marble Slab is at about 2800 up x1800 up mm, with the thickness of 18mm, 20mm, 30mm, etc. We usually cut the slabs into 80×80 cm, 100×100 cm, and 80×120 cm tiles. The customized sizes are available. Polished surface finishing is popular, can also do the honed, sandblasted, tumbled and other finishing as your requirement.

Blue Marble Tile

Our Blue Marble Tile Collection is optimized for wall and floor applications in both residential and commercial settings. The marble collection features gray-blue finish and is a perfect fit for an informal look while still transmitting elegance. The Blue Marble can give a stunning view when used alongside Frozen Crystal Marble.

Blue Marble Tiles for Sale

Ever since the early civilization, marble was used to make statues. Marble flooring has been one of the most common stone flooring materials on the market today. We offer you the best blue marble tile that money can buy. Blue Marble Tiles for Sale are ready in our showroom.

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