Blue Onyx Stone

Origin: Iran
Type: Onyx
Code: MS-O2
Available in: Block, Slab, Tile
Colour: Navy Blue, Gray

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Blue Onyx is one of the MGT’s stone quarries, which has an awesome quality with gray and dark blue background color. This Blue onyx has thin golden lines on its surface. The Blue Onyx is popular to use for making handicraft. Persian Blue Onyx looks different in comparison with blue onyx from other origins. Not only this natural onyx, but Iran is also a source for other types of blue onyx such as blue river onyx, gold, and blue onyx and aqua blue onyx. Small blocks of blue onyx that are supplied to make art-works are available in this stone quarry. Besides, big onyx blocks for the production of slabs or onyx countertops are ready to ship. Depends on the customer’s selection, the blue onyx can have more blue or gray color; this is why we welcome our esteemed customers to mark the blocks by their selves. We honor our abilities to provide the highest quality of blue onyx slabs and blocks with good price and on time services.