Brown Onyx
Brown Onyx
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Brown Onyx

Deeply, mysterious onyx is a rather complex stone with an interesting history. MGT Stone Company is supplying this type of brown onyx in blocks and slabs. Onyx stone is available at various color and size. Brown Onyx is a rare onyx in the world. MGT divided this lovely brown onyx to two sorts of dark brown onyx and light brown onyx. Color of dark sort of brown onyx is similar to coca cola brown onyx but without white veins.Brown Onyx can be used alongside Pure White Onyx, Pink Onyx, Jade Green Onyx and Verde Giada.

Brown Onyx Tiles

MGT stone deals in Brown Onyx slab, Brown Onyx Blocks, and Brown onyx Tiles as well. Brown Onyx is a unique and exotic stone, which makes a breathtaking impression. Brown Onyx stone gives stunning and rich appearance when used for flooring or any other purpose. Brown Onyx also being preferred for bathroom vanity and sinks now a day. Brown onyx has a natural color with a very smooth and shiny surface. 

Brown Onyx Block

Brown onyx is one of the MGT stone’s own quarries, which is famous because of having awesome color. The brown onyx. Brown Onyx Quarry is located in west of Iran. MGT STONE Company is the world’s only supplier of brown Onyx blocks; extensive testing suggested that the deposits were in excellent condition for quarrying. It is proven that the brown onyx quarry contains well over a million tons of High-Grade Onyx.

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