Brown Travertine

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Brown Travertine

Brown Travertine, as a unique natural stone, this travertine is suitable for upmarket bathrooms, floors, walls, and tiles. It is a superior choice for modern living. Admired for its natural distinctive qualities as well as its sense of play, Brown Travertine is well worth your consideration. Iran is one of the biggest natural stone exporters. Beige, Cream, Chocolate and Brown travertines are existing in all parts of Iran. Because of these mentioned points, brown travertine would be available in high variety and best quality at MGT Stone Company.

Brown Travertine Tile

Because of having Brown Travertine quarry, this travertine is always available in our showroom in 20mm and 30mm thickness Slabs. Brown Travertine Slab is filled and polished. According to orders other finishing such as honed, tumble, antique, acid-washed and brush can be applied on the brown travertine surface. The Brown Travertine can be used alongside a variety of other Natural stone including Super White Travertine and Cream Travertine.

Dark Brown Travertine

Dark Brown Travertine quarry is located in the center of Iran. Depends on client’s demands, it could be produced in cross cut and vein cut with different grades. According to availability in high quantity of brown travertine blocks in MGT’s stone warehouse, we kindly invite you to visit MGT stone warehouse and brown travertine quarry for choosing your suitable blocks.

Dark Brown Travertine Tile

The primary purpose of the travertine stone is in the building. It has been used in construction for a very long time. Temples, bath complexes and various monuments have been built from travertine. It is one of the several natural stones that are used for paving patios, courtyards and garden paths. This travertine has fewer holes and porosity compared to the other travertines. It is brown and vein cut.

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