Carrara Marble

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Carrara Marble

Carrara white marble is one of the iconic luxury marbles featuring shades of whites and gray. Due to the similarity between Italian Carrara white marble and the Iranian version, we named this white marble, Persian Carrara Marble. Carrara white marble is available in a variety of finishes including honed, polished and tumbled and available in both slabs and tiles. This marble is recommended for both residential and commercial projects including flooring and countertops.

Carrara White Marble Slabs

Carrara White Marble Slabs are offered in polished and honed finishes, and a wide variety of floor tiles, wall tiles, and mosaics are available to create stunning marble countertops, waterfall islands, marble tile floors, and accent walls throughout both residential and commercial properties. Carrara White Marble is a type of White Marble popular for use in sculpture and building decor. Carrara White Marble is quarried in the province of Shiraz in Iran. MGT Stone co has started extracting the blocks of Carrara Marble from this quarry from 2018, therefore, the first selection of the Carrara White Marble Slabs are available only in MGT Stone warehouse.

Carrara White Marble Tile

The White Carrara Marble Tile Collection transcends time. The combination of natural marble with classic and traditional shades of grey and white results in a legacy. This is integrated with both classic and contemporary shapes and sizes in the art of mosaics make it an immemorial design. The finely honed surface of the stone has a delightful array of metro tile shapes that make the areas of usage almost endless. Stately, refined and versatile, this collection is destined to be a mainstay in traditional to minimalistic environments. Using Persian Carrera White marble for walls and counterparts and darker materials Like Armani Bronze Marble, and Cappuccino Marble for flooring is very common among architects.

Carrara Marble Tile

With linear veins, Persian Carrara Marble Tile is often dramatic in texture and richness. It is one of the most common types of marble that you can find in homes and private residences and is typically seen in bathrooms due to its pristine whiteness. The Carrara Marble is a metamorphic rock made from microscopically small calcium carbonate crystals. The Carrara Marble Tile is characteristically homogenous, with a white to grey ground color, shining grains, and smoky grey veins, which run through the stone rather irregularly.  The different quality of this stone depends on its ground color. This material brightens gradually, when the marble is losing the water that is stored in its pores. The different ground colors and veins of the marble in the area of Carrara make this material spectacular.

Carrara Marble Price

Persian Carrara Marble has a reasonable price in comparison to the Italian Carrara Marble. We invite you to contact our team to have a quotation for the Persian Carrara Marble Block, Slab and tiles.

Carrara Stone Price

This is one of the most popular and biggest-selling natural stone materials on the market today. The Italian stone has a classic look and is very affordable which has contributed to its popularity. The Italian stone ranges from $450-$550/m2; this is while the Persian alternative is 10 times cheaper.

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