Chocolate Travertine (CC)
Chocolate Travertine (CC)
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Chocolate Travertine (CC)

Chocolate travertine is unique travertine because of beautiful brown color without any spot or color change. Moreover, it has a higher quality and better price compared with Turkish Tan Travertine. This Chocolate Travertine is produced in crosscut. Chocolate travertine is one of the best commercial Travertines, which is producing in MGT’s stone factory at a suitable price.

Chocolate Travertine Tile

Standard finishes for Chocolate Travertine Tile & Slab are polished & honed, specialty textured finishes may be available in stock or upon request. The mixture of Chocolate Travertine and Cream Travertine will bring elegance and beauty to your projects.

Tan Travertine

Tan Travertine embody style and class. Its warm cream and tan hues add rustic sophistication to any landscape design. This versatile travertine is available in a range of sizes from 30*30 to 120*120 for ultimate flexibility in design. Available finishes include honed, tumbled, chipped and unfilled and the pavers are recommended for interior and exterior use.

Tan Travertine Tile

Tan Travertine tiles are a popular flooring choice, as they remain one of the most durable stone floor tile options on the market. With their comfortable and neutral color tones, tan travertine's roughhewn look adds texture and a striking appeal to any floor space. Ease of installation and upkeep makes this tile flooring option widely in demand.

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