Cream Travertine
Cream Travertine
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Cream Travertine

Cream travertine brings warmth to all outdoor living spaces from country courtyards through to city terraces. Cream Travertine is classic beige travertine quarried from North West corners of Iran. Alive with a swirl of tans and creams, this gorgeous travertine is equally lovely for travertine flooring, travertine wall tile, and travertine countertop applications. Achieve high style and natural good looks with this stunning collection of travertine. The price of this travertine stone is very affordable despite the presence of white-tinted colors and the regular and fine veins that make this stone worthwhile. Turkish cream travertine is very popular but it is not comparable to Iranian travertine in term of beautiful veins. Bianco travertino or Travertino Romano are common Spanish names for this type of travertine. Some Chinese travertine buyers call this material BÁI DÒNG SHÍ.

Cream Travertine Tiles and Slab

Travertine Tiles has been used in buildings since ancient times. Today, Travertines that exhibits linear veins are the most in demand, as they fit nicely into the modern design schemes so popular today. MGT Stone Company specializes in Persian Travertine. MGT produce all Cream Travertine Slabs in its own factory. Cream Travertine Slabs after being cut by gang saw machine, will be filled and processed by epoxy on both sides. The regular production is filled, unfilled cream travertine tiles could be produced according to order. After this stage, the required finishing would be applied on cream travertine slabs.


Cream Travertine Floor Tiles

Travertine is rough-textured in its nature. Polishing Travertine changes its nature and makes the travertine’s color pops up. In overall, polished cream travertine has a richer look. Polished travertine reflects light more than tumbled or brushed travertine. Cream Travertine is especially good looking when used Alongside Cappuccino Travertine & Chocolate Travertine.

Classic Travertine

The Classic travertine is a material with a uniform light beige color and unique characteristics. It is very high porosity brings out the uniqueness of the natural stone, reminding us of the classical and baroque architecture in Rome. It can be stuccoes with cement, putty and or transparent resin and then brushed, sanded or polished. This type of travertine is, therefore, a chameleon-like material, both classic and modern, which lends itself to both indoor and outdoor applications. Classic travertine, if cut parallel to the grain, has a slightly cloudy effect in the tone on tone colors and a much more compact look.

Classic Travertine Tiles

Classic Travertine is a hugely popular and affordable choice for those seeking a natural stone floor. It is versatile and is available in a range of finishes from honed and filled, to tumbled, polished or brushed and chipped.

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