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A curb or kerb is the edge where a raised sidewalk or road median/central reservation meets a street or other roadway. Our Curbstone is ideal for adding a refined finishing touch to your walkways, flower bed borders and driveways.  It also provides a clean transition at the edge of paver patios. Granite Curb Stone, Marble Curb Stone and Travertine Curb Stone are all available while granite is the most popular. In addition to granite curbing’s strength, it has a natural beauty unmatched by concrete or other synthetic stone materials. Granite is the stone of choice for the most discriminating architects and commercial developers because of its natural beauty, resistance to heat, cold and bad weather. Granite curbing can take the everyday pounding of large vehicles, salt, chemicals, and scraping, heavy traffic and stay functional and beautiful.

Curb Stone size and curb stone price are based on the orders. MGT’s curb stones are not produced by concrete but all from natural stones. Over the past century, the tools and methods used to produce stone curbing have changed dramatically, resulting in distinct generations of historic curbing. Our enterprising customers find many creative uses for old curbing: steps, benches, retaining walls around gardens and ponds, and of course its original purpose, edging for driveways and walkways. The third generation of curbing is the most recent and features a saw-cut top and bottom. In this era of curbing, the original slab of granite was split with a guillotine, leaving no boreholes or other distinguishing marks. Most curb has a squared off top. Mountable curb has a chamfered—or sloping—top front edge, which allows vehicles to ride easily over the curb to gain access to spaces behind it.


Rustic Steps Curbing

You can create steps from salvaged curbing that has a relatively flat face and top. Just lay the curb on its side, creating a step tread with all the character of a stone carved a century ago.


Paving Stones Curbing

Curbing with one relatively flat side can be laid down as large pavers to create patios, driveways and walkways. The joint between the slabs can be straight and tight for a more formal look, or wider and rough for a more rustic appearance.


Retaining Walls Curbing

When laid flat and stacked, curbing makes great retaining walls up to 10 feet high and provides many design options. The curb may be dry stacked, pinned together, battered or mortared. To create a clean look, expose the finished tops. For rustic appeal, expose the bottoms — or try a combination of both for a beautiful variation in texture.


Antique Curbing

Of course, the antique curbing we recover can be used as curbing again. It also works well for an edge restraint for steps, raised garden beds or stone path edging.

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