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Dehbid Marble

Dehbid Marble

Dehbid Marble is a stone with light and transparent cream color background, which is different from similar products not only in terms of design but also in terms of physical and chemical features so that it is known as one the best kinds of Marble. The global acceptance and prominence of Dehbid Marble have made everyone compare this stone with other kinds of cream marble. The similarity of a particular marble, both in terms of design and texture, and in terms of the kind is as an icon and criterion of quality and luxury of that product.

Dehbid Marble Quarry

The beautiful Dehbid Marble quarry is located in Dehbid city or Safashar in the Fars province of Iran. There is hardly a professional person in the natural stone industry who doesn’t know Iran Dehbid Marble. While Dehbid Marble is precious, it is one of the largest and most abundant marble quarries in the world. This expansion of the Dehbid quarry is faced with high and massive production. Most of the high-quality Dehbid quarry production is exported in the shape of blocks to other countries, including China, which is considered the biggest buyer of Dehbid Marble.

Different Types of Dehbid Marble

The light and transparent background of Dehbid Marble contains less change of color. In other words, Dehbid Marble is one of the most constant Types of cream marble. But the special pattern and flower that appear on Dehbid Marble define the different sorts of this stone. Among the most prominent and precious kinds of Dehbid Marble, we can mention Silk Flower and Cotton Flower types.

Dehbid Marble Usage

Today, Today, modern designs and the use of neutral colors are the trends in the whole world. Therefore, many architects prefer the use of neutral colors such as white marble, black marble, and grey marble to sharp colors. But Dehbid Marble is excluded from this and the usage of this marble is considered as the symbol of luxury and value of the project. So, in addition to the fact that Dehbid Marble is considered as the constant element of classical and neoclassical designs, it is even widely used in modern architecture. Dehbid Marble is mostly used in flooring construction projects and also it is also used in all kinds of interior designs.

Botticino Marble

Botticino Marble is one of the most famous cream marbles in the world. Iranian Dehbid stone is one kind of Botticino Marble in international markets from past years until now. The credibility of this stone is as much as to obscure the credibility of the original Botticino Marble. That is why Botticino Marble is also called Royal Botticino Marble. This is the best cream marble with no doubt in the world market.

The cream color of Botticino Marble is very different from other Cream Marbles. The beauty and transparency of this stone product have beautified many luxurious hotels and buildings in the world. The most important clients for Iran’s Botticino Marble are unique factories and Companies from china that are in demand of this stone all the time. Royal Botticino Marble known as Dehbid Marble is originally from Shiraz city in Iran and it’s near Crema Marfil Marble Quarry. Royal Botticino Marble gives a warm feeling to any projects applied. Botticino Marble’s light color helps to enhance space and magnifies the area. Royal Botticino Marble’s low water absorption and high compressional strength make it an absolute choice for Interior flooring Purposes, whether in Living rooms or Bathrooms.

Botticino Marble Tile

Botticino Marble Tile is proper for use in different sizes for all building projects. Due to the unique features of Royal Botticino Marble Tile, Other than being luxuries is also proper to use in places with busy crossing like commercial environments. Botticino Marble Tile is absolutely the best option for projects that have no limitation on cost and budget for their projects. Bottocino Marble Tiles have a cream base color with beautiful white veining, detailed with a tiny amount of thin grey veins and diffused grey colour that lends elegant texture and depth. Bottocino Marble Tile is perfect for traditional and classic interior design in flooring. walls, bathrooms, and backsplashes. These tiles come in several sizes.

Botticino Stone

The Botticino Marble Stone quarry belongs to the government. MGT Stone co has selected Botticino Stone blocks in its warehouse for clients in different sorts of A1, A2, and A3. Moreover, MGT Stone Company owns other stone quarries in the same place and close to Botticino stone color.

Botticino Marble Price

Bottocino Marble quarry belongs to the government and it does not have any fixed price. Bottocino Marble Price depends on the color variation, structure of the veins and the block dimension. The price also depends on the different quarry materials.

Botticino Classico Marble

Botticino is an Italian Marble and  is quarried in Botticino town so the name Botticino comes from the place. The botticino marble offered is from Iran and is very popular worldwide.

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