Emperador Gold Marble Stone

Emperador Gold Marble
Price Range Type Brand Color SKU Rating Code
$28-$58 Marble MGT Black, Gold Slab, Tile, Block 4/5 based on 50 Votes MS-M82

Emperador Gold Marble

Emperador Gold Marble is a calcareous stone extracted in the mining areas of Markazi Province. It presents a Black background and gold veins. It is a special and unique material, useful for big projects in which a movement in the stone is demanded.

Black Emperador Marble

Black Gold Emperador Marble is an outstanding marble that provides style and distinction. A quality that is highly appreciated by architects and interior designers alike, who use it extensively to create unique, charming environments of unbeatable beauty. From a visual point of view, Black Emperador marble draws significant attention thanks to its black tone with irregular gold veins throughout. Another prominent feature is that it can be combined with other materials in different tones to achieve distinctive environments. 

Emperador Gold Marble Slab

Emperador Gold Marble is produced in slabs 2 & 3 cm thickness for transformation in stairs, cut to size pieces, bathroom sinks, and tiles. Emperador Gold can be finished in polished finish principally. Other finishes are less used. An important option is ordering “open book”, that allows repeating designs in big dimensions.

Black Marble Tiles for Sale

Emperador Gold Marble Tile sizes are Standard: 60x60x2 cm, 60x30x2 cm, 40x40x2 cm. Duo to the fact they both share elegant Lines the Emperador Gold Marble and Sofia Marble are fantastic when put together.

Black Marble Cost

Your Black Marble price will largely fluctuate based on the chosen material. If you go with marble, the type of marble can affect the final cost. Emperador Gold Marble known as Marshal Marble in the domestic market is a high-quality marble and the price of it is so proper.

Please note that prices may change based on supply and demand and are valid till December 31,2020.

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