Eramosa Wood Marble

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Eramosa Wood Marble

Eramosa Marble is one of the fantastic MGT’s products with lovely wooden brown pattern. Sleek and sophisticated Eramosa Marble, also known as, Idyllwild Marble and Tobacco Brown feature a dark brown background with multiple darker brown bands. Its modern aesthetic and contemporary feel compliments today’s home.

Tobacco Brown Marble

Tobacco Brown Marble is available in different size of selected blocks and slabs ready-to-ship for clients. Tobacco Brown Slabs are available in a number of specialized finishes, cut in crosscut or against (vein cut) the grain of the stone. Slabs are generally cut according to the size of the block and can vary in size. The average size of Eramosa Marble Slabs is standard means 280 (CM) * 180 (SM). Eramosa Wood Marble Quarry is located in Isfahan province. This Marble can be a great match for many light materials including white marbles like Carrara Marble, Calacatta Marble, and Plain White Marble.

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