Esmeralda Onyx

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Esmeralda Onyx

The special type of Green Traonyx, which has a bright (vivid) hue of an emerald, is Esmeralda Onyx.Our other Tranonyx materials Inculde Honey Traonyx, Karmania Traonyx, White Karmania Traonyx.
Esmeralda Onyx has a lovely bright dark green color with a brown line. The contrast of these two colors would make it unique. The Esmeralda onyx is a semi-precious natural stone, which combines deep greens with warm beige grains. This vein-cut onyx is partially translucent in nature allowing light to transmit along with certain points. This Traonyx, which has been dubbed as one of the most luxurious stones is used in a design. Esmeralda Onyx originates from Iran. Available in both tiles and slabs providing an elegant finish to any room and is suitable for use in domestic or light commercial settings.

Green Travertine

In fact, Esmeralda stone is a Traonyx. The mixture of Travertine and Onyx. That is the reason; another name for it is Green Travertine. Standard finishes are polished and honed, however, specialty and custom finishes such as leathered, brushed, acid washed, and bush hammered are available upon request.

Green Travertine Tile

The Esmeralda range is offered in both slab and tile formats, with tiles being manufactured in predefined measurements and slab sizes varying depending on the stone block extracted. It is worth noting that for custom dimensions can be fabricated depending on the size of the projects. Get in touch with our team of professionals for advice on choosing the perfect configuration that works for you.

Esmeralda Marble

Italy has the same Esmeralda marble, but Persian Esmeralda is not marble and is a different stone.

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