Fossil Marble Stone

Origin: Iran
Type: Marble
Code: MS-M7
Available in: Block, Slab, Tile
Colour: Cream, Beige

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Fossil Marble or Bianco Perlato Marble is similar to Shell Beige marble with Persian name of par tavoosi. Fossil marble is one of the MGT’s quarries. This marble would be available in MGT stock yard with high quality and different size of slabs and blocks. This special and popular color (light cream marble) is really rare because it just found in Iran. MGT is supplying Fossil marble in big quantity with the best price. Morocco as one of the origin for marbles has many marbles with the similar color. Black fossil marble and brown fossil marble are from Morocco. China flower gray marble and seashell beige marble are some other similar marbles from China. Italy’s similar marble is fossil marrone marble. Two other marbles from Pakistan have the same name: sea life marble and gray fossil marble. Each marble has a different color and pattern that makes it unique. The fossilized stone materials, from the most precious to the most valuable for their originality and uniqueness and opulence. The veining and the presence of fossilized elements in its interior contribute to exalt its beauty and value.

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