Frozen Blue Vein Marble

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Frozen Blue Vein Marble

Frozen Blue Vein Marble (Frozen Crystal Marble) is one of the white marbles with blue veins with more brightness and shine. Elegant with a modern flair, this White marble features a white background accented with fine patches of blue.  Its fine crystalline accents bring that WOW factor to any project.

White Marble with Blue Veins

Frozen Blue Vein Marble has different types depends on the background color and the amount of veins. The first type has a white background with thick fusion blue veins. Now, this type of crystal marble is very popular and trendy for architectural projects in Iran. Another sort of marble has a gray background with very dark veins. There is a high color contrast in this material and it is used for commercial projects.

Marble with blue veins

Neyriz area has other quarries for the marble with blue veins. Our quarry is located near to Lilac marble quarry.

Blue Vein Marble

MGT’s new factory in Tehran offers an extensive variety of Blue Vein Marble to choose from. Shams-Abad industrial Area located near Tehran International Airport is the new zone for the stone industry and full of modern marble factories. Our marble factory is famous in this area for producing white marbles.

Cheap White Marble

Frozen blue-veined marble adds beauty to the flooring and is a well-known name in the domestic market. This type of white marble is popular for its unique attributes like heat resistance and stylish appearance. We offer the Frozen Blue vein Marble within the stipulated period matching to the budgets of our esteemed customers. By having a high demand in the domestic market for this blue-veined Marble, It is still commercial and considered as a Cheap White Marble.

White Crystal Marble

MGT Stone Company is the quarry owner of frozen crystal marble. The quarry is located in Shiraz province. The customer engaged with the Iranian stone industry know Shiraz. Shiraz is famous for its cream and white marbles. The quarries of Frozen Crystal Marble and Lilac Marble are in the same area and waiting to be visited by you.

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