Glory Marble

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Glory White Marble

Besides many White Marbles around the world and our other great white marbles like Cloud White Marble, Venus White Marble and Ice White Marble, we would like to introduce a Persian White Marble for the first time called Glory White Marble. Its background color is very white and the light pass through it like white onyx material. Having a dark line on the Glory white marble, leads it to be a very nice appearance. This kind of marble, since having a high quality we willing to add it to our collection and introduce it to customers.

Glory White Marble Quarry

The Glory White Marble Quarry is in Fars in south of Iran. This quarry is rich and we can supply a huge amount of blocks for any order quantities so we do not have any problem for providing a large quantity of Glory white marble blocks.

Glory White Marble Block

This kind of marble is high demanding; therefore, the MGT stone company keeps a huge amount of blocks and slabs in its stock. We supply standard big Blocks for exporting purpose to all over the world. Photos of blocks will be provided for our customers.

Glory White Marble Slab

Glory White Marble can create a unique feeling for people like calm and peace. If people want to have white space, this stone can be a good suggestion to use it on the wall and floor, and in the end, it creates a beautiful space with a wonderful space. The slab is being produces in MGT stone factory and we are the only exclusive producer of Glory White Marble slabs.

Glory White Marble Tile

The Glory White Marble Tiles are available in different sizes in the MGT stone factory and we produce them with the best machines and new technologies. Due to its beauty, quality, and hard structure, it can be used in exterior and interior places.

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