Gohare Limestone

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Gohare Limestone

Iran is one of the main origins of limestone. The most popular and famous Persian limestone is Gohare limestone. MGT stone Company would be able to supply Gohare limestone in all different size of tile and slab or free length. The Gohare Limestone is a versatile natural stone that combines the capacity to be multi-functional and use, with a beautiful look.

Grey Limestone

Gohare limestone is known as Grey Limestone or Persiano limestone. The quarry of Gohare grey limestone is located in Khoramabad city in Lorestan province. Persian grey limestone is a unique limestone. MGT is regularly offering Gohare grey limestone in polished slabs and blocks.

Jura Limestone

The Jura limestone is explored in the Upper Bavaria region, which is located in the south part of Germany. Despite several people describing this stone like marble, the Jura is technically a limestone. It is hard limestone, but still a limestone. However, it is also commonly accepted as a marble. The Jura limestone is probably the most well-known German natural stone, with considerable demand in Europe and in several other parts of the world. There are two main types of Jura limestone available in the market: beige color and grey color. In compare to Gohare Limestone, Gohare Limestone is as popular as Jura Limestone with better quality and also more smooth appearance.

Gohara Marble

Several customers describing this stone like marble. Gohara Marble is the name, used by our foreign customers. This limestone (Gohara Marble) has become in the past years a reference natural stone from Iran, with increasing demand worldwide. The mixture of Gohare Limestone and Emperador Gold Marble is one of the most eye-catching designs in today’s market.

Beige Limestone

Gohare has two sorts, Beige Limestone, and Grey Limestone.

Grey Limestone Slabs

The polishing process is applied easily on Grey Limestone Slabs, and it is highly recommended to use in public and big place. Grey Limestone is suitable for interior flooring as well as exterior facades and large sizes are achievable regardless of the application. The appearance of the stone can be enhanced and altered through various finishes giving designers diverse options to realize their designs.

Gray Limestone Tile

The Gohare limestone is a hard limestone that is mostly used on flooring, coverings and cladding applications. Gray limestone has gained its reputation for its durability, hardness, and favorable technical properties, especially if compared with similar limestone. Gray Limestone Tile is also a preferential choice for flooring, coverings and diverse stonework. The Gray Limestone can be used for masonry, garden decoration and interior decoration (bath design, kitchen use, for example).

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