Emperador Gold Marble

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Gold Marble

The exclusive name of Golden Marble is called Emprador Gold Marble. Gold Marble has a black background with beautiful golden scattered lines all over the stone. It is interesting to know that these golden lines in Golden Marble are not the veins but colors that created a unique design patterns in Golden Marble stone.

Gold Marble known as Emprador Gold Marble is considered as a luxurious stone with great value. The golden color has been always in a great position for decorative and artistic projects. Golden Marble has great place in modern projects for designers, Even due the golden future of Emprador Marble in Golden Marble seems to recall about classic days.

Gold Marble Slab

The beauty and unique design of Emprador Gold Marble as a Gold Marble is very eye catching on Gold Marble Slab. Due to being high level in getting polished, Gold Marble Slab is very bright and shiny. The beauty of Emprador Gold Marble is clearly appeared in Gold Marble Slab.

Gold Marble Slab has the ability to be cut in to large sizes which make it even more valuable because of this future in Gold Marble Slab. Using high quality Gold Marble Slab in MGT’s showroom adorns the showroom significantly. MGT is regularly provides the Emprador Gold Marble as the Golden Marble to our respected customers annually.

Gold Marble Tile

One of the stone tiles that keeps the quality close to slabs after being cut is Golden Marble Tile. The close golden lines In Golden Marble Tile brings about a very interesting appearance in Emprador Gold Marble for every viewer. Golden Marble Tile is suitable for many different projects as it works for classic projects and modern projects as well. On the other hand Golden Marble Tile has many uses for different parts of a project with variety of dimensions. For example using Golden Marble Tile with smaller dimensions like 30*30 Cm and 30*60 Cm in bathroom will show the maximum beauty. Light reflection in small dimension of Golden Marble Tile creates about 3D designs and large dimensions of Golden Marble Tile like 80*80 Cm and 100*100 Cm can be used for flooring in many office projects or columns.

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