Golden Black Marble Stone

Golden Black Marble
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Black Gold Marble

Black Gold marble is a unique and famous Persian marble. This type of stone is popular due to the special color, which is strong black including white and gold stripes. It is also known as Black and Gold marble. 

Black Gold Marble Slab

The Gold Black Marble stone of Iran is so diverse in pattern and veins that it can meet all tastes. Golden black marble is available with the pure black background or with fossils. In addition, the amount of white or gold veins are controllable. The 2cm and 3cm book-match slab of this unique black marble is available in our showroom.

Black Gold Marble Block

Iran is rich in all kinds of marble quarries due to its vastness and suitable weather. The black Gold quarry is always open during the whole year and certain quantity of black and gold marble blocks are always available at MGT stone warehouse. Customers can select the black gold marble blocks to be exported or produced into slabs and tiles based on their desire pattern and amount of gold or white veins.

Black Gold Marble Quarry

Black Gold marble comes from the mountains of Markazi province that is located in the central part of Iran. This province is an origin of other natural stones. Pakistan, China, and Italy are other origins for black marbles like Nero Portoro Marble, Black Marquina Marble and Black Bonanza Marble with gold or white veins but Iranian golden black marble has a unique texture and differ from those marbles. One of the favorite materials of any designer the Gold Black Marble can be used alongside a verity of other natural stones such as Rosso Levanto Marble, Rose Marble and white marbles like Carrara Marble, Lilac Marble, and Pure White Marble.

Buy Black Marble

MGT Stone Co offered different types of Black Color Marble. The strong ability to keep the usual ready stock of Black Marble Slab and Black Marble Block has made MGT, the biggest Black Marble Supplier in Iran.

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