Golden Galaxy Marble

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Golden Galaxy Marble

As one of the specific products of MGT Company, Golden Galaxy Marble has a completely dark black background. Diffused thick and narrow veins in colors of white or gold have made the Golden Galaxy Marble. The main difference between Golden Galaxy Marble with other similar types like Golden Black Marble is that this stone do not have any dark or white dots. In another word, Golden Galaxy Marble is a type of Golden Black Marble with no white dot which helps the golden and white veins to shine on the surface as much as they can.

Golden Galaxy Slab

Like other stones with unique veins, Golden Galaxy Slab with having straight or beveled golden and white veins, has created a luxury valuable and at the same time simple slab look for esteemed consumers. Golden Galaxy Slab is applicable for modern environments. Not unpleasant to say that book match Golden Galaxy Slab reminds eye-catching paintings!

MGT is honored to supply best types of Golden Galaxy Slab for clients all around the world.

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