Golden Rose Marble

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Golden Rose Marble

Golden Rose Marble or Ross Impero Marble is a Persian rose marble with soft rose background and lovely thin gold line. Moreover, Golden rose marble does not have any thick white line compared with Rojo Coral marble and this specific point leads to make your design fantastic and warm. This Persian rose marble has the most demands in Iran.
Persian Red Marble

Persian Red Marble is famous marble from Iran, being exported worldwide. Persian Red Marble with its inherent warmth, adds a sophisticated element to the area in which it is installed making it a very a popular complement to modern interiors. Designers today choose Persian Red Marble and Black Absolute Marble to be used together.

Golden Rose Marble Slab

Our regular production of Golden Rose Marble Slab thickness is 2cm. Mainly Polished, Honed, and acid washing. The edges finishing range has Eased, Beveled, Bullnose, Ogee, Cove, DuPont, laminated, non-laminated, etc.

Golden Rose Marble Tile

The contrast between red and gold is the aim of this special Golden Rose Marble. The succession of these two strong colors gives personality and a touch of glamour in luxury interiors. Because of having gang saws in our factories, in order to produce tiles, MGT stone company produce slabs fist and then cut to size them according to the projects.

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