Tundra Gray Marble

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Gray Marble

Gray is one of the most used colors in building materials. Among this all, Gray Marble as a natural stone is consumed a lot in different parts of building projects. Gray Marble is very capable in matching with other stones in designing. The Neutral color sense of Gray Marble makes it proper for both modern and classic themes. In addition it can be assumed that Gray Marble is highly admitted all around the world so a good variety of high quality Gray Marbles is provided in MGT Stone Products.

Tundra Marble

Considered as one of the new special prized products of MGT Stone, Tundra Marble has a uniform light gray background with some dots of other shades of gray color. As a very optimal stone for production with special weight of 2.8, Tundra Marble Quarry is located in North East Iran. Tundra Marble is a new material. However, this stone is well accepted and demanded in different markets.

Gray Marble Tile

Among all shapes of Gray Products, Gray Marble Tile in different sizes are the most used shapes. Gray Marble Tile can be produced in both shapes of square and rectangular.
Clients are eager to use big rectangular sizes of Gray Marble Tile in modern building projects. However, it is interesting to notice that square Gray Marble Tile is more installed in classic environments.
If you are looking for Gray Marble Tile with a uniform color, MGT Stone will offer you Gray Tundra Marble. This excellent product is produced with best types of Epoxy on both sides of slabs or tiles. As always should be mentioned that high quality pieces are ready to be supplied in large quantities.

Gray Marble Slab

Gray is important! MGT Stone had introduced variety of Gray items like Silk Emperador Marble or Grey Palladium Marble in shapes of Gray Marble Slab before. Now Tundra Gray Marble is also added to our rich collection. Now if Gray Marble Slab is your choice for your next project, please let us to invite you to visit our valuable Gray Marble Slabs in both light and dark themes in MGT Great Showrooms.

Gray Marble for flooring

The most use of Gray Marble Slabs or Tiles are as Gray Marble Floor. Having a neutral color, combination of Gray Marble Floor with variety of white stones or even black marbles is highly utilized.

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