Forest Green Marble

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Green Marble

Green Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. Green Marble is commonly used for sculpture and as a building material. Duo to its unique color this Green Marble is loved and praised by designers all over the world who prefer to use the Material with Black Gold Marble, Nero Portoro Marble, and Pure Black Marble.

Forest Green Marble

Forest Green marble (Verde Marble) also known as Bidasar Green marble stone is a widely used marble. The green colored veins offer a very natural forest appearance to this stone. This lovely Green marble stone is available in forms of tiles, slabs, and blocks at MGT stockyard.

Green Marble Slab

The ability to take polish of the forest green marble generally enhances the beauty of the stone. Forest Green Marble is a premium product of MGT Stone Company. Forest Green Marble has a structure like Forest in it. The Green lines look like tree’s timber. The processing operations at MGT stone company are according to world standards. 2cm Slabs of Green Marble are available in the warehouse for selection.

Green Marble Tile

MGT Stone Co cuts and processes tiles on an Automatic plant. We also have exclusive titles in calibrated polished finishing available. Green marble tiles are available in both big and small size tiles

Verde Marble

From Iran, Foresta Verde Marble has been known for over five years for its beauty and durability. The rich green tone with its brown and light green veining has made it popular with designers, who specify this Verde marble for their projects.

Verde Green Marble

Verde Green Marble is suitable for hotels, residential building, and commercial projects. With jungle-like vitality, dynamic green marble is alive with movement and abundant activity.

India Green Marble

India is famous for its green forest stone. Indian green marble is called Rainforest marble, which is different from Iranian green marble. Laurel marble, jade marble and Verde marble are some other names for Iran green marble.

Green Marble Block

Forest Green Marble quarry is located in North Khorasan province. The big and shaped green marble blocks in large quantity are available at our warehouse.

Verde Marble Slab

Verde Marble, It has a highly dense forest pattern, which can inspire the imagination of the onlookers immediately. The impression of forest arises thanks to its medium green base, and hundreds of mini veins, as well as boxes, are intersecting each other. Due to the toughness, Verde Marble Slab takes the best polishing. Verde Marble Slab is strong and does not require netting in the backside. The availability of this marble is more than other Verde colored marble.

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