Diana Smoky Onyx

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Grey Onyx

Gray color in modern architecture since have great importance. Gray color is the most used among all stone categories like Travertines, Marbles and granites and it is used as main stone in many projects. The existence of such gray color in the most special stone category like Onyx, creates a special stone products that we call it Gray Onyx.

Silver Onyx

Many Onyxes have the same background color. Many different colors like white, green and range of orange color and honey is available in Countries that are rich in stone quarry resources like Iran. But finding some rare colors like silver Onyx is a very special happening and unique Onyx product. The existence of Gray color in such valuable Onyx stone like silver Onyx would be the meeting of beauty and value at the same time.

Smoky Onyx

MGTSTONE Company has put the stone mining and quarry development for luxury stones like Onyx in order during recent years. Therefore, we owned one of the most valuable Onyx quarries that called Smoky Onyx and is located in the north west of Iran at Miandoab city. Our gold was to provide a unique onyx product to international market successfully.

Smoky Onyx is very healthy and compact and is very unique since it is 100% pure onyx without Travertine texture whatsoever. Smoky Onyx consists of three Silver, Black and white colors which brings about amazing 3D designs on the background of stone. MGT STONE Co. is the exclusive producer of Smoky Onyx and provides this amazing onyx product in block and slab format at the same time for our client’s convenience.

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