Harsin Marble Stone

Origin: Iran
Type: Marble
Code: MS-M21
Available in: Block, Slab, Tile
Colour: Light Beige

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Harsin Marble

Harsin Marble is a light beige color stone with pencil-thin veins stone from Iran.


Harsin Marble Slab:

Harsin Marble Tiles can be sorted into several grades. In comparison with the famous vanilla Marfil marble, Harsin is softer in texture and plainer in the background color. The A grade material has a shiny and white background color with beautiful light gray veins. Harsin marble is the regular production of MGT factory and the super grade stock of this luxurious marble is ready to ship at MGT slab yard.


Harsin Mable Block:

Harsin Marble Block is bright beige marble in varying proportions and weights (in metric tons), of different quality ratings. The quarry produces 35,000 metric tons a year of marble blocks. The dominant method employed for extraction is the wire saw mining; however, a combination of chain saw and wire saw methods is also used. 


Harsin Marble Quarry:

The Quarry is located in 26 km east of Kermanshah City, near Hersin City. This quarry has been considered as one of the greatest quarries in the region now.


Where to use Harsin Marble:

Harsin marble tiles feature the unique mixture of white, gray and vanilla beige colors. The visually appealing combination of shades is sure to convey the sense of calmness and the spirit of freedom to the interior. This makes the Harsin Polished Marble tiles the perfect decoration material suitable for different surfaces from walls and floors to kitchen countertops and windowsills.


Other Names of Harsin Marble:

The name of Harsin Marble in China stone market is 白宫米黄(Báigōng mǐhuáng)


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North Amirabad
Tehran, Iran