Harsin Marble

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Harsin Marble

Harsin Marble is a light beige color stone with pencil-thin veins from Iran. The name of Harsin Marble in China stone market is 白宫米黄(Báigōng mǐhuáng)

Beige Marble Slab

Beige marble slab thickness is 2 cm and 3 cm. MGT’s Stone factory can produce different sizes of beige marble tiles and different thicknesses like 1 cm, 1.2 cm, 1.5 cm, 2 cm and 3 cm regarding your project’s requirements. A polished finish provides a shiny, glossy look to your natural stone, coordinating well with contemporary, modern and traditional designs. Polishing is the most suggested surface finish for Harsin Beige Marble. Harsin Beige Marble is used alongside darker materials like Eramosa Wood Marble, Pure Black Marble, Silver Wave Marble, Armani Bronze Marble, and Cappuccino Marble.

Beige Marble Block

Harsin Beige Marble Block is bright beige marble in varying proportions and weights (in metric tons), of different quality ratings. The quarry produces 35,000 metric tons a year of marble blocks. The dominant method employed for extraction is the wire saw mining; however, a combination of chain saw and wire saw methods is also used.

Light Beige Marble

This natural stone surface has very light beige color (premium beige) and clear background. It can be used in indoor and outdoor applications. This Light Beige Marble is suitable for flooring and cladding systems and can be combined with black or brown colors stones and other marbles of MGT Stones Collections.

Harsin Beige Marble Quarry

This Beige Marble Quarry is located in 26 km east of Kermanshah City, near Hersin City. This quarry has been considered as one of the greatest quarries in the region now.

Beige Color Marble

Harsin marble tiles feature the unique mixture of white, gray and vanilla beige colors. The visually appealing combination of shades is sure to convey the sense of calmness and the spirit of freedom to the interior. This makes the Harsin Beige Marble polished tiles the perfect decoration material suitable for different surfaces from walls and floors to kitchen countertops and windowsills.

Vanilla Beige Marble

Vanilla Beige Marble has become a popular name among the marble stones for architects and builders. The lightest color and strength makes them a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms by architects and property dealers. Harsin Marble as an alternative for Vanilla beige marble is an ideal for use at a place, which faces continuous water and needs to be cleaned regularly. The color of this marble imparts a neural look so they can be used in any type of house.

Vanilla Marfil Marble

Harsin Beige Marble Tiles can be sorted into several grades. In comparison with the famous vanilla Marfil marble, Harsin marble is softer in texture and plainer in the background color. The A grade material has shiny and white background color with beautiful light gray veins. Harsin marble is the regular production of MGT Stone factory and the super grade stock of this luxurious marble is ready to ship at MGT’s marble showroom.

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