Jurassic Marble

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Jurassic Marble

Jurassic Marble is a high-quality type of stone with light grey background containing white, golden, and brown patterns on the surface which creates an eye-catching and pleasant product in shapes of block, slab, and tile.

One of the most noticeable features of this marble is the vast variety of patterns and colors in each block.

The water color-like lines on its surface illustrate unique and outstanding patterns among other products. Different methods of cutting in various directions can lead to creating an artistic, painting-like piece of art which can be a great feature to produce fantastic book-matched slabs and tiles.

Jurassic Marble Utilization

Based on its colors and patterns, Jurassic Marble could have decorative and aesthetic function in almost all types of modern areas. It is advised by MGT Stone Co.’s experts to use this stone in book-matched and four-matched shapes as flooring in all types of commercial and construction projects.

MGT Stone Co. provides its valued customers with high-quality and well-polished Jurassic Marble using the most cutting-edge machineries available!

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