Karmania Traonyx

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Karmania Traonyx

Karmania is one of the most popular and beautiful natural stones of Iran, this stone is used inside and outside. A mixture of White, gray and brown colors can be seen in Karmania Traonyx background. MGT Stone Co has available blocks and slabs for this type of Traonyx in the stockyard.Karmania Traonyx has a lighter Color called the White Karmania Traonyx.


Traonyx is a type of natural onyx, which is a combination of travertine, and onyx due to this awesome combination. Traonyx has a special and unique property from both type of stone that is passing light from part of onyx material but the other part would not and illustrate travertine material.

Traonyx Stone

Karmania Traonyx Stone is a kind of onyx quarried in Iran. This stone is especially good for Wall and floor applications, countertops, and other design projects. Iran is rich in Traonyx Quarries.

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