Persian Latte Marble

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Latte Marble

Latte Marble is a marble with bright cream color and clear background. It is called light beige marble in some other languages. Latte Marble is considered as one of high demanded marbles because cream marbles have high demand normally. Persian Latte Marble is one of the highest demands among all cream marbles stones group and that is because of the stability in background color plus unique design including warm color of this product. The main position of Latte Marble is in Turkey but due to high quality of this stone in recent years as an imported stone product, created great position among luxurious building and trade projects with high demand in Iran.

Persian Latte Marble

Persian Latte Marble became a proper replacement by opening of Persian Latte Marble quarry in Iran. The stability of background color in Persian Latte Marble is very unique. Since the location of Persian Latte Marble is in northwest of Iran, the quality and health of this stone is highly guarantied. We can consider Persian Latte Marble as one of the healthier stones. There is no limitation for cut to sizes in different sizes considering the high quantity production of Persian Latte Marble in compression with other marble stones.

MGT Stone is providing competitive offers for Persian Latte Marble as a beautiful and unique product in high quantity production for large projects and also projects that are looking for stability and uniformity of color in whole project and designing the classic projects

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