Light Jade Green Onyx

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Light Green Onyx

Prized for its exotic and translucent qualities, Onyx Jade Green is a beautiful natural stone that brings a sense of elegance and sophistication to any project. Featuring rich green hues. Most of the green onyx stone quarries are placed in east of Iran. MGT Stone Company is divided its green onyx into two categories, which are, light and dark. Jade Green Onyx has a light green tone. Jade Green Onyx is a popular material with designers and they usually use it with white marbles like Plain White Marble, Crystal Marble, and Amber Onyx.

Light Green Onyx Slab

By having gang saws, MGT produces Onyx Slabs in 2cm and 3cm Thickness. Light Green Onyx Slab and Block in a different size is available in MGT stockyard. It would be our honor if we have this chance to take your hospitality here in Iran to visit the showroom for selecting light green onyx slabs.

Light Green Onyx Tile

Light Green Onyx Tile is a stunning natural stone. It gives rich green hues with extra elegance to the interior of houses or commercial space. It is used for both exterior and interior Flooring and wall decoration. Green Onyx Tile is widely used for the construction of bathrooms, kitchen, skirting, stair casing and other design projects.

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