Grey Travertine

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Grey Travertine

Light Silver travertine (Grey Travertine) has significant beauty because of its unique color, toning, and textural variation. A beautiful blend of silver, gray, and white, this Grey Travertine collection adds instant sophistication and understated elegance. MGT Stone has divided Grey travertine of this quarry to two different categories to make it easier for customers’ decision. Presented Light silver travertine and Dark Gray Silver Travertine both with a wavy pattern. Light grey Travertine does not have any gold or brown vein, which give amenity to the environment.

Gray Travertine Tile & Slab

Today, Gray Travertines that exhibits linear veins are the most in demand, as they fit nicely into the modern design schemes so popular today. Gray Travertine Stone is available in tiles and slabs of 20mm and 30mm thicknesses. Finishes include Polished, Honed, Aged, Bush hammered, Sandblasted and Tumbled.

Gray Travertine Quarry

Silver Travertine quarry, which we are working with since 2004, has a high stone block production capacity. Gray Travertine Quarry established in Kashan works with modern, technologic equipment and experienced staff. This material comes from the same quarry as the Dark Silver Travertine.

Grey Travertine Floor Tiles

The Silver Grey Travertine Tile is available in MGT showroom. The beautiful silver shadings of this stone quarried in the Kashan region of Iran gives silver grey travertine a unique character. The characteristic swirling patterns are brought to life by an amazing array of creams and autumn browns on a silver and grey background. These travertine tiles are the idea for creating a satin look in any Bathroom, Kitchen and Hall Way.

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