Lilac Marble

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Lilac Marble

Elegant marble like this Lilac White Marble Tile will create a lasting statement. Our Lilac Marble is a prime example of how marble can bring a signature aspect to a design plan. Lilac marble presents a pure white background with well-defined interwoven lilac veining that is the main attribute and unique feature of this organic material.

Marble Lilac

Marble Lilac Quarry is located in Shiraz province. Shiraz province is rewarded with many famous marble quarries. Quarry blocks of Marble Lilac are cut and split employing the latest diamond cutting technology for dimension stone extraction. The climate of Iran ensures the quarry remains open for production all year round, with annual production. The Lilac Marble quarry is near Carrara White Marble and Frozen Crystal Marble.

Lilac White Marble

White marble is in high demand because it makes the home look more spacious. Lilac White Marble is a unique natural stone that is perfect for book-match projects.

Lilac Marble Tile

Lilac marble tile is suitable for internal use: floor, wall, vanity tops and stair covering in both private housing and in public buildings with moderate and intensive collective use. The stone material and the stone finish should be selected to suit the area it is being applied to.

Lilac Marble Slab

Standard finishes are polished & honed, specialty textured finishes such as acid wash may be available in stock or upon request. Lilac Marble is also available in book-matched slabs that is an ideal choice for projects when requiring a feature wall and/or focal point with a striking effect.

Turkish Lilac Marble

Iran is a leading supplier of the world’s marble and travertine? Just like Italy and Turkey. Natural stone has been one of Iran’s main exports for thousands of years, and there is still plenty to be found. Lilac Marble is a famous Turkish marble. Iran and Turkey Neighborhood cause to have many similar marbles. Our offered Lilac Marble is not from Turkey and it is quarried from Iran.

Milas Marble

Milas is an ancient city and the seat of the district of the same name in Muğla Province in southwestern Turkey. First, Milas marble was named Lilac marble. This is why Lilac marble is still known by Milas Marble.

Lilac Marble Block

Lilac Marble Blocks comes in three variants depending on the tone of its veining: light, medium and dark. Lilac Marble Blocks are always inspected prior to shipment to ensure that the materials are of the best quality.

Dark Lilac Marble

Lilac marble has different sorts. Some blocks have a darker background color. They are not white and has dark grey color in the background. We invite our customers to contact us to have access to the ready stock blocks and slabs of Lilac marble.

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