Moon Cream Marble

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Moon Cream Marble

Moon Cream Marble is a stone with a warm cream background on which the scattered and regular shades with background color create a unique, beautiful, and outstanding product.
Today, cream marbles are not highly in demand due to modern architecture. But since Moon Cream Marble contains modern design and texture, it is widely common in construction projects. Moon Cream Marble gives a charming color and design to the environment. This is why MGT Stone Company includes this exclusive product named Moon Cream Marble in its portfolio and also supplies the products of these stones in the form of large-size tiles, small-size tiles, and slabs in high volume. Countries including Iraq or African countries such as Senegal are regular demanders and clients of this MGT Stone Company product.

Moon Cream Marble Usage

Like any other type of marble, Moon Cream Marble is common in flooring construction projects. The strategy of MGT Stone Company is to produce and supply Moon Cream Marble products in the dimensions of 100×100 cm or 80×80 cm, as well as the production of large rectangular sizes such as 60×120 cm or 160×80 cm with the highest quality. Many clients and consumers looking to use a modern and risk-free plan prefer this economical product.

Moon Cream Marble Features

• It is highly wholesome and robust compared to other cream marbles.
• It is highly polishable and brilliant.
• It contains high density and specific weight.
• It is in the economical price category.
• It can produce in large volumes.
• It is used in interior spaces. But it is not proper for outdoors.
• It contains a unique design and texture that differentiates it from other types of cream marble.

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