Paradise Marble Stone

Origin: Iran
Type: Marble
Code: MS-M66
Available in: Block, Slab, Tile
Colour: Cream

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Paradise Marble

Paradise Cream marble from Iran is a soft and marvelous stone. It is available in blocks, slabs, and tiles.


Paradise Marble Slab

Paradise marble slabs are always ready at MGT Stone’s slab showroom.


Paradise Marble Block

Direct access to Paradise Marble quarry makes MGT stone company a strong supplier of this cream marble for both blocks and slabs. The specific amount of Paradise marble blocks are always ready to ship in our warehouse.


Paradise Marble Price

Paradise Marble has a darker color tone in compare to Botticino marble or Omani Beige Marble and more reasonable price.


Paradise Marble Usage

This classy and stylish light cream marble is a luxurious choice for walls and floors in both residential and commercial properties. Whether for the perfect walking surface for your floors, or the answer to a blank wall, let Paradise Marble envelop you. If you wish to invigorate designs by accentuating the light and space throughout then choosing this particular option is highly recommended as it has a light color and polished finish.

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